Best Home Warranty Companies for 2017

Best Home Warranty Companies for 2017

A home warranty is a service agreement which helps to cover the cost incurred when repairing or replacing your home items whenever they break down. A home warranty is not designed to cover natural disasters or accidents like the homeowners’ insurance. However, the pricing is done the same way as the insurance cover. You simply pay an agreed monthly fee or even a yearly sum depending on the plan.


Whenever you want your items to repair, you just pay the service fee which then covers the spare parts and labor. Actually, this a great deal but it can be quite overwhelming when choosing the best company to get you covered for an item breakdown in your home. This article will outline the most reputed and best home warranty companies for 2017. Continue reading to know the company that can meet most of your home warranty requirements.



American Home Shield

American Home Shield is arguably the biggest home warranty company in 2017. It allows every subscriber to choose from the three major plans. It also allows one to customize his or her coverage through selecting the exact items that they want to be covered. Most people are signing up with this warranty company because of its numerous advantages compared to several other companies.


American home shield warranty company has a customize-your-preferable plan which seems to attract most people from different states. Their clients have the power increase or decrease their service fees. This helps them in controlling the cost plan. Another reason why this company made it to the top of the list is that it has rendered it very easy to get a quotation. There are many other advantages for subscribing to this company and get your preferred home items covered.



Complete Appliance Protection

The second home warranty company on our list based on the offers is the complete appliance protection company. It is very rare to find a home warranty company that has unique offers from this company. It does not charge any service fee or any form of deductibles for them to do the repairs.


This indicates that you will not be paying out more on top of the already subscribed plans according to their contract. Another reason as to why we recommend that you sign up with this company is that is because it does not exclude covering items that have lacked for sometime maintenance. You are given four basic coverage level plans which also allows you add to the items as required.



Total Protect Home Warranty

The list is not complete without the Total protect home warranty company. The main reason for signing up with this company is because of it easy to the quotation and does a comparison of the plans. Total Protect offers three basic plans and one customized deductible. Once you are their customer, you have an array additional items to be protected. The base plan and the service fees are both customizable. And of all the companies on this list, Total Protect has the easiest way of accessing their contracts.



The Old Republic Home Protection

The Old Republic Home Protection company Includes the cost of major systems. However, it also covers other additional appliances that have been damaged by kids, pets or pests. They also cover those items with missing components.